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Our Process

If you have spent any time at all on our site, you know that our tagline is: Partnership Redefined.

While anyone can have a tagline, it requires a tangible process to validate it. Our approach is crafted from the diverse experiences of our team members. Each of us has held total P&L responsibility for companies and business units beyond the realms of insurance and risk management. We’ve all worked directly within traditional insurance agencies and risk management-focused firms, and we’ve all held ownership in our organizations. This unique blend allows us to offer a truly comprehensive process embraced by companies of all sizes and shapes. Our process places YOU at the forefront. It’s pragmatic and tailored to reflect the perspective of operational leaders or business owners, rather than that of an external consultant.

Many insurance agencies focus on selling a product, while risk management firms invest their time in exhaustive investigations akin to an OSHA audit. They then convene meetings to present their findings, often critiquing your operations based on their narrow experiences. At Five Star Insurance Agency, we focus on problem-solving. We want YOU to lead this process. We won’t bombard you with solicitations 60-90 days before renewal to “bid your insurance,” nor will we insist on engaging with you 9-10 months prior to renewal under the guise of a “risk management approach.” Instead, we seek to collaborate with you and your company at a time and place that aligns with YOUR needs.

Drawing from our collective experience with various approaches, we can offer informed guidance on actions that make sense based on where you are in the annual life cycle of your insurance and risk management program. Therefore, YOU dictate your requirements. YOU determine when you need us. Together, we’ll strategize the most effective path forward as a team. We won’t impose rigid methodologies or insist on specific procedures because we understand that every company is unique. Instead, we’ll collaborate to identify the optimal approach to enhance efficiency while minimizing your Total Cost of Risk.

This is Partnership Redefined.

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