Covid-19 UPDATE

We understand that our clients have questions and concerns about Covid-19. We're here for you! Our agency will remain "open", though we will work remotely. Please email any questions or concerns to us at, call us at 636-937-9383, call/text my cell at 636-575-3679. 

Our understanding at this point is that the unendorsed business income/business interruption policy does not provide coverage for business interruption. Now, a couple things here: (1) We cannot speak to every insurance company's position regarding coverage, so we are NOT saying there couldn't be instances where insurers would pay and (2) We will file ANY claim our client wants filed. Once again, ANY questions or concerns please reach out.

As members of the Big I (Independent Insurance Agents Association) we receive and want to share information as it becomes available. The link below will take you to a page that has SEVERAL resources such as remote work, sick leave, flu & Coronavirus prevention, and much more! Please check it out here: